5. March 2017 - 14:00

Artist Talk: Brynjar Sigurðarson

Event location: 

Furniture from Vopnafjörður and Circle flute from Flateyri

Brynjar Sigurðarson product designer and artist, lives and works in Berlin. Brynjar talks about his work and the different processes that are behind his designs. Free with admission.

During the winter of 2009, Brynjar stayed for a while in the shed of a fisherman in Vopnafjörður, learning the traditional craftsmanship and choice of materials involved in the trade. Subsequently he began transferring the fisherman´s ways of knitting nets into crafts which above all else have aesthetic value.

Brynjar´s work usually has an undefined role. Their form and choice of materials bring poetic connotations. It strives towards harmony with diverse textures and combinations. A warm, furry tail against a cold, shiny table top. The tamed form and the untamed are the designer´s alliteration. The overall image, as well as the details, gradually forms an alphabet which slowly develops into a language, spread over various projects. 

The work which is created in Iceland is rough, but becomes refined abroad. Some examples of this are the furniture which Brynjar has made at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and later for Gallerie Kreo in Paris, as well as the sticks he´s made for Spark Design Space and later with Swarovski in Wattens, Austria.

Free entrance with a museum ticket and for holders of Annual Pass/Culture Pass.