Reykjavík Art Museum is a dynamic and progressive scene that offers visitors the opportunity to get to know art in a diverse way and gain deeper understanding of the historical, social, cultural and artistic context of different artworks. Reykjavík Art Museum is located in three different buildings; Hafnarhús, Kjarvalsstaðir and Ásmundarsafn.


The museum exhibits work from leading Icelandic and international leading artists in Modern and Contemporary Art. It is also a platform for emerging talents. The exhibitions at Reykjavík Art Museum span history to our present day, from the conventional to the outermost limits of art.

The museum safeguards large collections of works by three of the most famous Icelandic artists; Erró, Kjarval and Ásmundur Sveinsson and continues to exhibit their works in various ways.

Each exhibition normally spans 3-4 months; with new openings at the start of the new year, in spring and in autumn. The museum´s collection is also on show in public buildings and in open areas around the city. Reykjavík Art Museum supervises the city´s art collection, including outdoor art, and houses many of the best known works of Icelandic artists. The complete collection contains around seventeen thousand artworks. Works in public space in Reykjavík include those by Yoko Ono, Richard Serra, Claaudio Parmiggiani and other well-known artists.

Many cultural activities take place in the museum. Every year over a hundred events are held in various locations, from lectures and seminars to unconventional concerts. Reykjavík Art Museum collaborates with numerous festivals, including Iceland Airwaves, Museum Night, Reykjavík Arts Festival, DesignMarch and Cultural Night.

Education is an important part of the museum´s activities. Over thirteen thousand school children visit the museum every year.